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Cafeteria Guidelines:



   √Cleanliness, good citizenship, and polite table manners are expected in the cafeteria.

   √Health regulations prohibit the sharing of food.


   √Breakfast is available to students and teachers. 

   √Breakfast is served from 7:20 A.M. until 7:35 A.M.



   √Students may buy or bring their lunch.

   √Milk, juice, and bottled water are available with or without a meal.

   √Candy, soft drinks, and fast food are not allowed.

   √Students remember their account number.

   √Students make one trip for trash/trays, otherwise remaining seated until dismissed.

   √Students enjoy visiting with their friends, keeping their voices at a conversational level.

   √If parents visit for lunch, we request they call the cafeteria at 547-8225 by 8:30 A.M. and check in at the main office.




   √Students are assigned an account number.  We encourage depositing money before school.

   √Free and reduced breakfast and lunch rates are available for those who qualify.

   √Due to the number of lunches served, we suggest putting money on accounts weekly or monthly.

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